Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My favorite movie genre

I prefer all of movie genre except comedy.
But if i have to choose one genre. I will choose a hero movie.
Most people think like this "hero movies are just childish and predictable", but I think because of these features hero movie can captivate audience.
Some of movies start as a common days but finished as a sad ending story. Unexpected actor's dead makes audience shocked.
However, in the hero movie , heroes are never die
Even if they are in terrible situations. And hero movies also can handle heavy topics like social problems and about real justice.
For example I want to refer The bat man(Dark knight) the hero fight with criminals who can't be stopped by governmental authority. It shows the depressed and dark aspects of society and hero try to solve the basic problems. Even if this movie is a fiction. I felt lots of things and was captivated while I saw it. Anyway, in these reasons I love hero movies.

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